Our services: your one-stop shop for garden design

ABL Gardeners provides friendly, professional support for every phase of your project. We take care of everything, from providing advice at the outset to providing support after completion.


Choose from a variety of options, ranging from a full planning service to individual advice, from the practical integration of existing elements to a complete redesign. Our work is always of the very highest standard - original ideas included!


Our strengths

Garden and landscape design

Both partners have qualifications in garden design and employ extensive consultation with clients to make your dreams come true.

Working with schools and the community

ABL Gardeners have worked and continue to work with many schools in the North London area. We have built ponds, raised beds and nature trails amongst other things, we've even brightened up an old toilet block! Take a look at our previous projects.

Our other services

Water Features: As you will see from our portfolio, we have built many ponds, rills (small stream) and an array of water features. We have in depth knowledge about water plants and how to encourage wildlife into the pond environment.

Planting: We take into consideration all requirements of a site, such as aspect and soil conditions, enabling us to make the very best decisions on plant selection. Planting schemes are a specialsim and we have made a range of key contacts in the plant nursery world allowing us to obtain a large selction of plants at reasonable prices.

New Lawns: We're vastly experienced at laying turf, from the smallest to the biggest project.

Fencing: Whether your fence needs repairing, or you are looking to replace one, we can provide the solution.

Patios / Decking: We can repair old patio's, dig them up and replace them, redesign the layout or replace them with something new. We can also install decking, steps and handrails.

Garden features: We make and install / erect  an array of gardne features such as gazebo's, pergolas, arches, sheds, bespoke planters, sleeper walls and seating areas.

Front Drives: We install driveways and we encourage our clients to have some planting and flower beds, thus providing a natural water run off point, which is both environmentally friendly and provides a softer 'green' finish.

Maintenance: We generally only maintain the gardens that we have built, but if you're in need of a clearance, or one off tidy up, give us a call.